Welcome Child of the Stars!

Greetings, Star Child!

The time has come to awaken your memories and abilities, connect with your home star system, increase your light quotient, and come together with the Children of the Stars to protect, heal, and help awaken our planet!

It is not by accident that your path has brought you here.
You've always felt there was something different about you, and that feeling has been growing. Odd thoughts and feelings wash over you at the strangest moments - the sense that you're someone other than you appear to be.

 What seem like visions, but you're beginning to suspect are actually memories, are rising to the surface more and more. You're trying hard to make sense of everything, and have been searching for others that are experiencing the same things as you.

Blessings child, you've heard the call and found your way home. At least to the beginning of your journey…
Work with sacred objects and collect powerful tools and allies to uncover and visit secret spaces and complete mystical missions. With your chosen combination of missions and tools, find the clues and gain the special abilities to unlock hidden gates into new realms. Move ever deeper into the mystery to discover the truth about your origins, Earth's ancient secrets, and your destiny!